Build & Grow Magical Land
Build & Grow Magical Land

Build & Grow Magical Land

Creativity for Kids
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This high-quality, multi-craft kit provides a fun, educational experience for children as they paint, build and grow their own enchanted castle and magical playland.

The pre-cut wooden playland and accessories come ready to paint, decorate and assemble. Step-by-step instructions are colorful and easy to follow, allowing children to work independently, together as a family craft or in a group activity.

Fast-growing chia seeds and soil-free grow mats make for less mess and more fun for budding gardeners as they landscape their magical land. The low maintenance chia seeds are grown in the USA and should sprout in as little as 3 to 5 days!

The kit provides added play value that parents, teachers and care givers look for in crafts and toys. Boys and girls will continue to enjoy this activity as they play and pretend, long after craft time is done.

Kids and their miniature animal friends will have so much fun pretending for hours! Skip over the hopscotch bridge, swing under a rainbow, climb and explore the castle, share sweets from a charcuterie board on a picnic – while duck and frog friends play in the stream nearby. Just add imagination and a little creativity and the possibilities for new stories and adventures are endless!

Fully assembled Build & Grow Magical Land measures 8” h x 11” w x 9” d

Ages: 6+

Contents Include: 27 Wooden cut-outs, 1 Bag of chia seeds, 3 Jute soil-free grow mats, 3 Plastic grow trays, 1 Water dropper, 1 Strip of double-sided adhesive dots, 5 Miniature animal figures - Narwhale, Unicorn, Frog, Ladybug and Sloth, 6 Non-toxic paints - Rose, Light Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Light Violet, Light Yellow and Turquoise Green, 1 Broad tip paintbrush, 1 Craft glue tube, 1 Glitter gel tube, Assorted stickers, Cardstock cut-outs, Craft string and Instructions